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High among the treetops in Munkebjerg’s beech forest, you will find the Treetop Restaurant. A restaurant focusing on the local, Danish ingredients of the season, seasoned with the best from abroad and with focus on sustainability and ecology.

We collect, pickle, ferment, and preserve so that when we get to the cold months, our supply is ready to season the heavy vegetables.

Our desire is to create a present, personal dining experience at a high gastronomic level, where we love to talk about the creation of our dishes, the selected wines, and the consideration for the nature, we work from.

Sustainable consideration

We strive to have only the best ingredients, grown with respect for the nature we all love and care for so that it will be available for many generations to come. We care about animals and animal welfare – it is important for us that the animals have had a good life – you can taste it on the plate.

Our fish and shellfish come from inshore boats, and our shellfish is caught in lobster traps so that both fish, shellfish and marine environment is taken into consideration.

We have a sustainable approach to protecting nature, and together with our suppliers and growers we can create a unique taste, high quality, and care for the local environment while taking nature into account.

The local area

The focal point of the kitchen is the local area – ingredients, ingredients, ingredients – the best ingredients of the season coming from small, local growers where distance from soil to table is short, and where there is a relationship with the local area.

The new Nordic kitchen with personality

Treetop’s kitchen is “New Nordic” with focus on the local area and a sustainable thinking. The menus in the restaurant are characterised by the seasonal selection of ingredients with a focus on craftmanship, taste, and aesthetics.
The Treetop kitchen is a young, dynamic, and innovative kitchen, constantly developing with a focus on our guests.

Bjarke Jeppesen
Head Chef of the Treetop Restaurant

Bjarke Jeppesen