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The magic happens when we merge the well-known with the new

The kitchen in our Treetop Restaurant is a modern, Danish kitchen with a great fondness of seafood. The entire kitchen team helps to create world-class food art.
Our Treetop Restaurant has the taste and the unexpected as its focal point and is located in the heart of Munkebjerg Hotel.

We experiment with ingredients and think them into new contexts, so that is both surprises and makes sense – and above all tastes. And a sure thing is: We never compromise on either the ingredients in our dishes or the servicing of the individual guest.

There are many restaurants in Vejle. But if you’re looking for a gourmet restaurant, you can’t miss the Tree Top restaurant.
We strive to surprise you. We experiment with raw materials and use them in new contexts that surprise and stimulate all your senses. A gourmet restaurant, which is one of the restaurants in Denmark that never compromises with either the ingredients in the dishes or the fantastic service to each individual guest.

In our gourmet restaurant, you and your guests or business associates are sure to be pampered and surrounded at the very highest level. Treetop Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Vejle.

Our philosophy is that something magical happens when we dare to play with the traditions and methods of different cuisines and when we dare to bring them together and create something new. It’s not about experimenting for the sake of experimenting.

It’s about experimenting and fusing ingredients so that it makes sense and, above all, creating food that tastes great. The Treetop Restaurant focuses on taste, the unexpected and surprise.

Here you get an experience in the heights.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the Treetop Restaurant

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